Preparing for the Trip

Besides preparing on what to pack for the trip, it is important to prepare oneself emotionally and spiritually for the trip.

1.How do you feel about traveling so far from home?

2. What’s the greatest fear you have as you contemplate this trip?

3. What is your purpose in participating in the trip?

4. What are you hoping to gain from the experience?

5. What part of yourself you would bring along and what part of yourself you would leave behind?

6. What are you hoping to receive from others?

7. What are you hoping to share with others?


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Palestine-Israel Global Justice Trip
June 18-June 30, 2012

Dr. Eleazar S. Fernandez, Professor of Constructive Theology,
Dr. Peter Makari, Area Executive, Middle East and Europe, Global Ministries,

The Palestine-Israel Travel Seminar is an expression of the church’s commitment to the formation of seminary students, clergy, and lay leaders who embody a greater understanding of our global realities, the interconnections of our lives, and the mission of the global church. The trip provides an opportunity for participants to see closely the Israeli-Palestinian context and listen to people’s stories of survival, struggle, and hopes. Part of the trip will be to engage in conversation with partner churches and individuals who have devoted themselves to the work of dialogue, social justice, and peace-building. Moreover, there will be opportunities to visit holy sites that are central to the major religious faiths in the area.